Scholarships for Palestine

Sunday, June 30, 2024


The Department of Economics and Statistics (DEPS) considers the promotion of values such as dialogue, justice, and peace as part of the university's mission. The news coming from Israel and Palestine on a daily basis since last October leaves us stunned. The reported number of innocent victims and the scale of destruction deeply affect us. In Gaza, bombs have not spared hospitals, schools and universities, thus also depriving young people of their right to a future, education, and life prospects. As a tangible sign of our solidarity with a population so heavily and unfairly affected, DEPS has decided to allocate 2 three years scholarships for Palestinian students for the enrollment in one of the bachelor’s degree in economics offered at the University of Siena.


Eligibility criteria:

The scholarship is open to all students residing (or who resided in the last year) in Palestinian territories who hold a high school diploma. Students from Gaza will receive special consideration.

Applicants commit to devote themselves full-time to proficiently attend one of the bachelor’s degree in economics offered at the University of Siena.

Be proficient in English or Italian


Scholarship amount: 15,000 € per year (gross stipend). The scholarship will be paid in monthly installments. At the end of each academic year, a commission will assess the student’s academic results to decide whether confirming the scholarship. The first installment will be paid once the student has been enrolled in one of the bachelor’s degree at the University of Siena


Duration: 3 years


Application: applicants must send an e-mail to and, using the following subject: “Domanda selezione borsa Palestina DEPS”. In the mail, they must declare that they are applying for the Scholarship for Palestinians and specify:

- their last name, first name, date and place of birth, nationality and town of residence, education level/degree.

They must attach:

- the education/degree certificate or a self-declaration, if reliable supporting documents totally o partially lack;

- copy of the identity card/passport.


Deadline: applications must be sent by June 30th, 2024