Nicola Dimitri

Short profile
Nicola Dimitri

Professor of Economics 

2002 Full Professor of Economics, University of Siena
2000 Associate Professor of Economics, University of Siena
1999 Associate Professor of Economics, University of Chieti-Pescara
1991 Assistant Professor of Economics, University of Siena

Main publications


  • Correlation, Learning and the Robustness of Cooperation: Review of Economic Dynamics (2000) , 3, 311-329.
  • Correlated Communication; in “Cognitive Processes and Economic Behavior” (Dimitri-Basili-Gilboa eds), Routledge-London (2003).
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  • What Constitutes an Optimal Portfolio of Compounds? Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, 80, 300-303, (2011).
  • Time Discounting and Time Consistency, (with J. van Eijck) forthcoming in “Games, Actions and Social Software” (R. Verbrugge and J. van Eijck Eds), Texts in Logic and Games, Springer Verlag, (2011).
  • An Assessment of the Pharmaceutical Industry R&D Productivity, Trends in Pharmacological Sciences, 12, 683-685, (2011).
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  • Some Law & Economics Considerations on the EU Pre-Commercial
  • Procurement of Innovation, in “The Applied Law end Economics of Public
  • Procurement” (Piga,Treumer eds) (2012), Routledge.
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