Seminars DEPS 2015 may-june

Wednesday, February 26, 2014 - 12:00

Wednesday, May 6 - Angela Sutan (Burgundy School of Business) 

Do People Contribute More to Intra-temporal or Inter-temporal Public Goods? Insights for Environmental Policy


Wednesday, May 13 - Gian Marco Ottaviano (Università di Bologna)

Product Mix and Firm Productivity Responses to Trade Competition


Wednesday, May 20  - Vincenzo Scoppa (Università della Calabria)

Gender Differences in Attitudes Towards Competition: Evidence from the Italian Scientific Qualification


Wednesday, June 3 - Eugenio Peluso (Università di Verona)

Network geometry and coalitional manipulation


Wednesday, June 10 - Edward Lorenz (University of Nice)

A multi-level analysis of enterprise innovation performance in developing nations


Wednesday, June 17 - ORE 11.00 - AULA ROMANI Robert Rowthorn (University of Cambridge)

Capital and Inequality: two flaws of Piketty's approach



Wednesday, June 17 - Luca Sessa (Banca d’Italia)

Cultural Persistence? Evidence from an Administrative Reform on Borders of Southern Italy


Wednesday, June 24 - Claudio Mezzetti (University of Melbourne)

Manipulative Disclosure