DEPS Working Paper- new releases

Monday, May 18, 2020
828. The surplus approach, Polanyi and institutions in economic anthropology and archaeology
Sergio Cesaratto, DEPS, USiena – Stefano Di Bucchianico, DEPS, USiena
827. Corporate Hierarchies and Labor Institutions
Filippo Belloc, DEPS, USiena – Gabriel Burdin, University of Leeds and IZA – Fabio Landini, University of Parma
826. The Kuznets curve of the Rich
Marwil J. Dávila-Fernández, DEPS, USiena – Lionello F. Punzo, DEPS, USiena
825. A Critical Assessment of Comparative Advantages
Ariel Dvoskin, CONICET-UNSAM – Guido Ianni, Roma Tre University
824. A note on financialization from a Classical-Keynesian standpoint
tefano Di Bucchianico, DEPS, USiena
Marcello Basili, DEPS, USiena – Antonio NIcita, Università LUMSA, Roma
822. Blockwise Euclidean likelihood for spatio-temporal covariance models
Víctor Morales-Oñate, Banco Solidario – Federico Crudu, DEPS. USiena – Moreno Bevilacqua, Universidad de Valparaiso
821. Inference in instrumental variables models with heteroskedasticity and many instruments
F. Crudu, DEPS USiena - G. Mellace, Univ. of Southern Denmark - Z. Sándor, Sapientia Hungarian Univ. of Transilvania821. Inference in