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Stefano Di Bucchianico

I am a Post-Doc Research Fellow at the University of Siena. Former visiting professor at the Free University of Berlin. PhD in Economics in 2018 from the University of Roma Tre, where I also taught macroeconomics, monetary economics, economic policy. In 2017 I was a visiting scholar at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. My research interests focus on Secular Stagnation, financialization, and public finance. Organizer of the Political Economy of Europe working group for YSI-INET.
Di Bucchianico, S. (2020, forthcoming). “A note on Krugman’s Liquidity Trap and monetary policy at the Zero Lower Bound”. Review of Political Economy, DOI: 10.1080/09538259.2020.1731119.
Di Bucchianico, S. (2019). “A bit of Keynesian debt-to-GDP ratio arithmetic for deficit-capped countries”. Bulletin of Political Economy 13 (1): 55-83
Di Bucchianico, S., Iafrate, F. (2019)“Rapporto Debito/PIL e Moltiplicatori Fiscali: il Caso della Manovra Italiana”. Economia e Politica. URL: https://www.economiaepolitica.it/2019-anno-11-n-17-sem-1/debito-pubblico-italiano-2019/
Di Bucchianico, S.  (2018). “Stagnazione Secolare: Politiche Fiscali Inadeguate o Trappola della Liquidità?”. Economia e Politica. URL: https://www.economiaepolitica.it/2018-anno-10-n-16-sem-2/stagnazione-secolare-politiche-fiscali-inadeguate-o-trappola-della-liquidita/
Work in progress
Di Bucchianico, S. (resubmitted after revisions). “Discussing Secular Stagnation: a case for releasing goods ideas from theoretical constraints?”. Structural Change and Economic Dynamics.
Di Bucchianico, S. (resubmitted after revisions). “The impact of financialization on the rate of profit”. Review of Political Economy.
Cesaratto, S., Di Bucchianico, S. (under review). “The surplus approach, Polanyi and institutions in economic anthropology”.
Di Bucchianico, S. (under review). “Negative interest rate policy to fight Secular Stagnation: unfeasible, ineffective, or inadequate?”.
Di Bucchianico, S. (2020). “A note on financialization from a Classical-Keynesian standpoint.” DEPS Working Paper Series, University of Siena.