Seminari 2017

Giovedì, 30 Marzo, 2017 - 16:00

Tuesday, April 6 at 3:00 PMFrancesco Pappadà (Banque de France) 

"Fiscal capacity and pro-cyclical fiscal policy"


Wednesday, April 12Luigi Luini (University of Siena)

"Charismatic leadership and transactional leadership: a lab exp"


Wednesday, April 19 Stefano Bartolini (University of Siena)

“Envying Alone.Social poverty as an engine of social comparisons and unhappiness”


Wednesday, May 3 - Francesco Decarolis (Boston University and EIEF)

“Marketing Agencies and Collusive Bidding in Sponsored Search Auctions”


Wednesday, May 10 - Robert Wade (London School of Economics)

"Why we should worry about income & wealth inequality"


Wednesday, May 17Fabio Petri (University of Siena)

“Investment in general equilibrium theory: a little noticed difficulty”


Wednesday, May 24 - Paolo Pin (Università Bocconi)

"Self confirming equilibria in Networks"


Wednesday, June 7 - Francesco Manaresi (Bank of Italy)

"Finance and creative destruction: evidence from Italy"


Thursday, June 15 Guglielmo Barone  (Bank of Italy)

“Losing my connection: the dark side of bank-firm interlocking directorates”


Wednesday, June 28Salvatore Federico (University of Siena)

“Growth and agglomeration in the heterogeneous space: A generalized AK approach”