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Seminari 2019

Martedì, 1 Gennaio, 2019 - 16:00

Wednesday, April 3 - Domenico Buccella (Kozminsly University)
"Downstream competition and profits under different input price bargaining structures"  


Tuesday, April 9 - Ipek Ilkkaracan (Istanbul Technical University)
"Public Investment in the Care Economy: An Assessment as a Strategy for Employment Generation and Inclusive Growth"


Wednesday, April 17 - Jose Luis Moraga (Tinbergen Institute)
"Mergers and Innovation Portfolios"


Wednesday, May 8 - Francesco Sobbrio (LUISS)
"War of the Waves: Radio and Resistance During World War II"


Wednesday, May 15 - Ariel Rubisntein (Tel Aviv University) - HAHN LECTURE
“Directions in modeling  bounded rationality”


Wednesday, May 22 - Rosario Crinò (Catholic University of Milan)
"Firms and Economic Performance: A View from Trade"


Wednesday, May 29 - Workshop - Prof. Punzo 


Wednesday, June 5 - Gabriele Cappelli (DEPS, USiena)
"Human capital accumulation in Africa in a long-term perspective, 1730 – 1970: did colonialism matter?" 


Wednesday, June 12 - Paolo Piacquadio (University of Oslo)
"Equal-sacrifice taxation"


Wednesday, June 19 - Itzhak Gilboa (HEC, Paris)
"Second-Order Induction in Prediction Problems: Uniqueness and Complexity"


Tuesday, June 26 - Annual STOREP Conference - Prof. Zappia