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Seminari 2022

Sabato, 1 Gennaio, 2022 - 09:00
Online DEPS Research Seminars

Tuesday, October 4
Umberto Muratori
 (European University Institute)
“Heterogeneous Spending, Heterogeneous Multipliers”


Tuesday, October 18
Giorgio Ricchiuti
 (Università di Firenze)
“The International Political Economy of a Green Transition”


Wednesday, November 2
Caterina Giannetti
 (Università di Pisa)
“The determinants of financial algorithm adoption”


Tuesday, November 15
Joahnnes Emmerling
 (European Institute on Economics and the Environment)
“The impact of climate change, policies, and redistribution on global within-country inequality”


Tuesday, November 29
Daniele Tavani (Colorado State University)
“Coordination and Externalities in Classical Growth Models”


Tuesday, December 6
Chiara Franco (Università di Pisa)
“Robots and Global Value Chains”


Tuesday, December 13 
Patrick Allmis 
(Università di Siena)
“The Role of Confidence for Disputes”