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Wednesday, September 25 - Stefano Gnocchi (Bank of Canada)
Downward nominal wage rigidity meets the zero lower bound  


Wednesday, October 2 - Bruno Caprettini (University of Zurich)

The electoral impact of wealth redistribution. Evidence from a land reform in Italy  


Wednesday, October 9 - Clemence Berson (Banque de France)

Job-to-job flows and wage cyclicality in France and Italy  
Wednesday, October 16 - Peter Tankov (ENSAE ParisTech)   
Water Management in Industry: a Mean-Field Game Approach 
Wednesday, October 23 - Eliana Viviano (Banca d’Italia)                                     
The Long Run Earnings Effects of a Credit Market Disruption
Wednesday, November 6 -  Andrea Mina (S. Anna Pisa)
Wednesday, November 13 - Lorenzo Bastianello (Université Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas)           
Time discounting under uncertainty 
Wednesday, November 20 - Agnese Sacchi (Università di Roma La Sapienza)                   
Health spending in Italy: the impact of immigrants  
Wednesday, November 27 - Guglielmo Barone (Università di Padova)                         
Populist Voting and Losers’ Discontent: Does Redistribution Matter? 
Wednesday, December 4 - Fabrizio Pompei (Università di Perugia)
Opting out, collective contracts and labour flexibility: Firm-level evidence for the Italian case 
Wednesday, December 11 - Daniel Kaliski (University of London-Birkbeck)
Does Insurance for Treatment Crowd Out Prevention? Evidence from Diabetics' Insulin Usage