Lionello Franco Punzo

Short profile
Lionello Franco Punzo

Professor of Economics 
Research interests: economic dynamics, tourism economics


Professor of Economics, lecturing in Macroeconomics and in the Economics of Sustainable Tourism, member of the Tourism Sustainability Group at the EC/DG Enterprise, member of the Centro de Estudos sobre Desigualidade e Desenvolvimento at the Universidade Federal Fluminense, Rio de Janeiro. He has taught in Europe, Japan, the USA and Latin America. He has been consultant in development projects of InterAmerican Development Bank, EuropAid, the Italian International Cooperation. His research interests are in the fields of growth and development, sustainable tourism and the economics of cultural goods, mathematical methodology and the history of economic analysis.

Main publications
  • M. J. Dávila-Fernández, J. L. Oreiro, L. F. Punzo & S. Bimonte (2017): Capital in the Twenty-First Century: Reinterpreting the fundamental contradiction of capitalism, Journal of Post Keynesian Economics 
  • SANCHEZ CARRERA, Edgar; L. F. PUNZO,; L. POLICARDO (2016), “Brazil and China: Two Routes of Economic Development?” in /REVIEW OF DEVELOPMENT ECONOMICS, /Vol. 20, issue 2
  • BIMONTE, S. and L.F. PUNZO (2016), “Tourist development and host–guest interaction: An economic exchange theory”,**/ANNALS OF TOURISM RESEARCH/, Vol. 58, pp. 128–139
  • PUNZO, L.F. , RISSO A. CARRERA E. (2013), “Economic growth and income distribution in Mexico. A cointegration exercise”, /ECONOMIC MODELLING/, Vol. 35, pp. 708-714
  • PUNZO L.F.,  J. L.OREIRO, E. ARAUJO (2012) , “ Macroeconomic constraints to the growth of the  Brazilian economy: diagnosis and some policy proposals”, /CAMBRIDGE JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS/,  Vol.36, No.4, pp. 919-940
  • Punzo L.F., with J.G. Brida, A. Mayer, C.McCord (2011): “A theoretical, multidisciplinary view of catastrophic regime change”, in Dynamics, games and science, essays in honour of Mauricio Peixoto and David Rand , Vol. 2, Springer Verlag, Berlin and New York
  • Punzo L.F. with E. Accinelli, S. London, E. Carrera (2010): “Dynamic complementarities, efficiency and Nash equilibria for populations of firms and workers, Journal of Economics and Econometrics, vol. 53
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  • Punzo L.F. (2009): “A Nonlinear History of Growth and Cycle Theories”, History of Political Economy, vol. 41 suppl.
  • Punzo L.F., with S. Usai (eds.) (2007): L'estate al mare. Residenti e turisti in alcune destinazioni italiane , McGraw Hill libri Italia, Milano
  • Punzo L.F., with S. Bimonte (2007): “The evolutionary game between tourist and resident populations and Tourist Carrying Capacity” , International Journal of Technology and Globalization, vol. 3
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