Fabio Petri

Curriculum in breve
Fabio Petri

Professore a contratto
Settore scientifico disciplinare: SECS-P/01 Economia Politica
Interessi di ricerca: macroeconomia

Born in Napoli, Italy, 1949. Laurea in Political Science, Università di Napoli, 1973. Graduate studies at University of Siena and University of Cambridge, 1973-1979. 1979-84 Lecturer in Introductory Economics, 1985-1989 Associate Professor of Microeconomics, since 1990 Professor of Economics, 1996-7 Head of Dipartimento di Economia Politica, all at University of Siena. Has taught Introductory Economics, Growth Theory, Mathematical Economics, Comparative Political Systems, Macroeconomics. Currently teaches Advanced Theory of Value and Distribution to 4th-year undergraduates and in the Siena Economics PhD programme. Main research interests: Theory of value, capital and distribution; theory of aggregate investment; Sraffian and Marxian economics; comparative economic systems. My views on the present state of economic theory are best made clear in my book General Equilibrium, Capital and Macroeconomics (Edward Elgar, 2004). Work in progress: Microeconomics for the critical mind, an advanced microeconomics textbook presenting both neoclassical and non-neoclassical approaches; expected completion early 2010.

Principali pubblicazioni
  1. “Positive profits without surplus value: a note on the Generalized Fundamental Marxian Theorem”, Econometrica, 1980
  2. Teorie del valore e della distribuzione, Roma: La Nuova Italia Scientifica, 1989
  3. "Hicks's recantation of the temporary equilibrium method", Review of Political Economy, 1991:3
  4. “Professor Hahn on the ‘neo-Ricardian’ criticism of neoclassical economics”, in G. Mongiovi and F. Petri, eds., Value, Distribution and Capital: Essays in Honour of Pierangelo Garegnani, London: Routledge, 1999.
  5. “Introduction” and ch. 14: “A ‘Sraffian’ critique of general equilibrium theory, and the classical-Keynesian alternative”, in Fabio Petri and Frank Hahn, eds., General Equilibrium: Problems and Prospects, Routledge, 2003
  6. “Should the theory of endogenous growth be based on Say’s Law and the full employment of resources?”, in N. Salvadori, ed., Theory of Growth: A Classical Perspective, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 2003.
  7. General Equilibrium, Capital, and Macroeconomics: A Key to Recent Controversies in Equilibrium Theory, Edward Elgar, 2004.
  8. “On the Recent Debate on Capital Theory and General Equilibrium”, in V. Caspari, ed., The Evolution of Economic Theory. Essays in Honour of Bertram Schefold, Routledge, 2011.