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EH/tune - 6th Economic History Workshop

Mercoledì, 26 Ottobre, 2016 - 14:30

14.30 Introduzione: Michelangelo Vasta (USiena)

Sessione 1. Chair: Pierangelo Toninelli (UBicocca)

14.45 Mauro Rota (URoma) e Jacob Weisdorf (USouthern Denmark), Living standards in Rome: a long run view (1285-1860)

Discussant: Alessandro Nuvolari (SSSUP)

15.35 Veronica Binda (UBocconi), Is it better to be alone than in bad company? International joint- ventures in Italy during the Twentieth century

Discussant: Renato Giannetti (UFirenze)

16.25 Coffee break

16.50 Giovanni Federico (UPisa), Michelangelo Vasta (USiena) and Alessandro Nuvolari (Sssup),

The origins of the Italian regional divide: evidence from real wages, 1861-1913

Discussant: Emanuele Felice (UChieti-Pescara)

17.40 Mattia Bertazzini (LSE), The long-term impact of Italian colonial roads in the Horn of Africa.


Discussant: Gabriele Cappelli (UABarcelona)

18.30 Chiusura dei lavori

28 ottobre 2016

Sessione 2. Chair: Leandro Conte (USiena)

10.00 Patrizia Battilani (UBologna) e Francesca Fauri (UBologna), Chinese immigrant entrepreneurs in Europe: the case of Bologna and London

Discussant: Alberto Rinaldi (UModena)

10.50 Coffee break

11.20 Leonardo Ridolfi (IMT-Lucca), French economic growth from Philippe Le Bel to the Revolution

Discussant: Paolo Di Martino (UBirmingham)

12.10 Francesco Cinnirella (CESifo Munchen) e Ruth Schueler (Ifo, Munchen), Nation building: The role of central spending in education

Discussant: Giovanni Federico (UPisa)

13.00-14.00 Pranzo

Sessione 3. Chair: Giandomenico Piluso (USiena)

14.00 Stefano Chianese (UTorVergata ), Internal migrations, housing and poverty in the Fascist Rome: The case of Baraccati (1924-1933)

Discussant: Giacomo Domini (USiena)

14.50 Paolo Di Martino (UBirmingham), Barbara Pistoresi (UModena) and Alberto Rinaldi (UModena), International financial flows, domestic credit intermediation, and industrial growth in the periphery of the gold standard regime: evidence from Italy, 1861-1913

Discussant: Carlo Ciccarelli (URoma2)

15.40 Coffee break

16.00 Anna Missiaia et al (Lund University) The Wealth of the Richest: Inequality and the Nobility in

Sweden, 1750-1901

Discussant: Giovanni Vecchi (UTor Vergata)

16.50 Conclusioni

17.30 Chiusura dei lavori