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EH/tune - 7th Economic History Workshop

Giovedì, 7 Dicembre, 2017 - 10:30
The new economic history of real wages and living standards
10.00 Coffee and welcome 
10.30 Introduction and chair: Michelangelo Vasta (USiena) 
Keynote speech: Bob Allen (NYU Abu Dhabi), Applying the Absolute Poverty methodology to historical data
12.00 Mauro Rota (URoma) and Jacob Weisdorf (USouthern Denmark), The Great Divergence in European
Real Wages Revisited 
Discussant: Alessandro Nuvolari (Sssup) 
12.50-14.00 Lunch 
Chair: Andrea Colli (UBocconi)
14.00 Emanuele Felice (UChieti-Pescara) and Jan Luiten Van Zanden (UGroningen), Benchmarking the 
Middle Ages. XV century Tuscany in European Perspective
Discussant: Giacomo Gabbuti (UOxford) 
14.50 Giovanni Federico (UPisa), Michelangelo Vasta (USiena) and Alessandro Nuvolari (Sssup), Reconciling
the irreconcilable: Real wages, GDP and the plight of the poor, 1300-1913  
Discussant: Jacob Weisdorf (USouthern Denmark) 
15.40-16.10 Coffee break 
Chair: Renato Giannetti (UFirenze)
16.10 Sédi-Anne Boukaka, Giulia Mancini and Giovanni Vecchi (UTor Vergata), Poverty and Inequality in 
Francophone Africa, 1960s-2010s
Discussant: Gabriele Cappelli (UABarcelona) 
17.00 Leonardo Ridolfi (Sssup), Six centuries of real wages in France from Louis IX to Napoleon III: 1250-1860 
Discussant: Mauro Rota (URoma) 
17.50 End of the WS