First Annual Workshop Economies in Ecological Transition

Mercoledì, 17 Aprile, 2024 - 09:30

Organizing Committee (Department of Economics and Statistics)
Salvatore Bimonte, Filippo Belloc, Pierpaolo Parrotta, Silvia Tiezzi, Stefano F. Verde

09.30-10.00: Welcome coffee
10.00-10.10: Introduction – Salvatore Bimonte and Stefano F. Verde
10.10-11.00: Can policy packaging help overcome Pigouvian tax aversion? A lab experiment on combining taxes and subsidies – Steffen Kallbekken
11.00-11.50: Designing public institutions for the energy transition – Laura Diaz Anadon (online)
11.50-12.40: Climate policies that achieved major emission reductions: global evidence from two decades – Nicholas Koch
12.40-14.10: Lunch
14.10-15.00: Intensive and extensive margins of the peak load: measuring adaptation with mixed frequency panel data – Francesco Colelli
15.00-15.50: The effect of energy efficiency obligations on residential energy use: empirical evidence from France – Matthieu Glachant
15.50-16.10: Coffee break
16.10-17.00: The impact of climate policy on oil and gas investment: evidence from firm-level data – Ervin Prifti (online)
17.00-17.50: Emerging skills and wage gaps in the low-carbon transition – Misato Sato (online)
17.50-18.00: Conclusion – Stefano F. Verde

Laura Diaz Anadon University of Cambridge, Director of the Centre for Environment, Energy and Natural Resource Governance – Cambridge, UK
Francesco Colelli University of Venice Ca’ Foscari, Researcher – Venice, Italy
Matthieu Glachant MINES ParisTech, Director of the Centre for Industrial Economics – Paris, France
Steffen Kallbekken Centre for International Climate Research, Research Director – Oslo, Norway
Nicholas Koch Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change, Head of the Policy Evaluation Lab and Senior Researcher – Berlin, Germany
Ervin Prifti International Monetary Fund, Senior economist – Washington D.C., USA Misato Sato London School of Economics and Political Science, Deputy Director of the Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy – London, UK.