International Workshop on “Statistical inference for assessing and monitoring natural resources”

Giovedì, 10 Novembre, 2016 - 09:00
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Aims and scope

The investigation of the environment and connected problems represents a burning issue for current scientific research. The rapid decline of biodiversity at global and local scales, the increase in the number of damaged species and desertification processes due to climate changes, land-use changes and air pollution, the conservation and enhancement of forest carbon stocks paired with the sustainable management of forests and animal populations are solely some of the issues requiring a reliable assessment of environmental indicators, as well as a suitable modeling for explanation and prediction purposes. Assessing and monitoring the effects of environmental variables on plant and animal communities is the core topic of this two-day workshop, with the purpose of proposing, discussing and applying robust and effective statistical tools. In this sense, the aim of the workshop is to gather environmental statisticians and quantitative naturalists from Italy and abroad in order to argue about the proposed methodological advances as well as about application of previously-established methodologies.


Call for papers

Researchers on these topics are invited to submit a tentative title of their talk together with a short abstract of about ten lines. A selection of papers will be hosted in a special issue/section of Environmental and Ecological Statistics (EEST).



The workshop is supported by the Department of Economics and Statistics of the University of Siena with the patronage of the GRASPA-SIS group.


Participation is free and limited to 50 participants (first come - first served). Coffee-breaks and launches will be offered.


Contact us

For any other information and for abstract submission the e-mail addresses are


Deadline for abstract submission: September 30, 2016.

Acceptance communication: within October 10, 2016.

Deadlines for paper submission to EEST: from November 1, 2016 to January 31, 2017.