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Seminari 2021

Mercoledì, 13 Gennaio, 2021 - 10:00

Online DEPS Research Seminars 


Wednesday 7 April, 16:00, Diogo Britto (Bocconi)
Economic Shocks and Access to Justice


Wednesday 21 April, 16:00, Emanuele Brancati (La Sapienza)
The Economic Effects of COVID-19 and Credit Constraints: Evidence from Italian Firms’ Expectations and Plans


Wednesday 5 May, 16:00, Maria Bigoni (Università di  Bologna)
Rational Cooperation and Reputational Effects


Wednesday 19 May, 16:00, Nuno Palma (University of Manchester)
Comparative European Institutions and the Little Divergence, 1385-1800


Wednesday 26 May, 16:00, Lorenzo Incoronato (UCL)
Hooked on a Subsidy: Transfers and Preferences for State Intervention


Tuesday 8 June, 16:00, Valeria Maggian (Università di Venezia Ca’ Foscari)
Gender Gap and the Italian Math Olympiad: A Field Experiment


At the day and hour of the seminar, you can access the Goodwin Virtual Room using the link


Goodwin virtual room