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842. Three tribes: the uneasy relations between economics and economic history

Working Paper n.842 - Ottobre 2020

Martina Cioni

DEPS, USiena

Giovanni Federico

Division of Social Sciences, NYUAD and CEPR

Michelangelo Vasta

DEPS, USiena


We argue that economic history still remains a distinct field in economics. We rely on a new database of almost 3,300 economic history articles published from 2001 to 2018 in top economic history journals and in ten leading economics journals. The share of economic history articles in economics journals has increased very little, cross-citations are limited and only few authors publish in both economics and economic history journals. As expected, publishing in top five economic journals yields many more citations than in top field journals, but this is not necessarily true for other prestigious economic journals


bibliometric analysis, citations, economic history, economics journals

Jel Codes

A12, N01