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Quaderni DEPS (ultime uscite)

Mercoledì, 5 Ottobre 2022
Marwil J. Dávila-Fernández & Serena Sordi, DEPS, USiena
Hans M. Amman, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Amsterdam – Marco P. Tucci, DEPS, USiena
888. Stability and determinants of the public debt-to-GDP ratio: a Stock-Flow Consistent investigation
Lorenzo Di Domenico, University of Warsaw, Faculty of Economic Sciences
887. Classification of the population dynamics observed in Italian Municipalities between 1951 and 2019
Federico Bacchi, Università di Bologna – Laura Neri, DEPS, USiena
882. Sen and Sraffa: Description as Theory
Syed Mohib Ali, PhD Student, DEPS, Usiena
877. Stagnation despite ongoing innovation: Is R&D expenditure composition a missing link? An empirical analysis for the US (1948-2019)
Giovanna Ciaffi, Roma Tre University – Matteo Deleidi, University of Bari “Aldo Moro”- Stefano Di Bucchianico, University of Tuscia 
876. Inflation and Distributive Conflict: a theoretical perspective
Guilherme Spinato Morlin, PhD Student, DEPS, USiena
874. The Gray Zone
Federico Crudu, DEPS, USiena and CRENoS – Roberta Di Stefano, Sapienza University of Roma – Giovanni Mellace, University of Southern Denmark – Silvia Tiezzi, DEPS, USiena
873. Human capital in Europe, 1830s -1930s: towards a new spatial dataset
Gabriele Cappelli, Leonardo Ridolfi, MIchelangelo Vasta, DEPS, USiena – Johannes Westberg, University of Groningen, Department of History and Philosophy of Education
872. What does OLS identify under the zero conditional mean assumption?
Federico Crudu, DEPS, USiena and CRENoS – Giovanni Mellace, University of Southern Denmark – Joeri Smits, Harvard University
Documenti Allegati: 
871. Mandatory social label system as a super-nudge to reduce intention-behaviour gap and increase responsible consumption
Luigi Bosco, DEPS, USiena
869. Growth theory and the growth model perspective: Insights from the supermultiplier
Guilherme Spinato Morlin, PhD Student, DEPS, USiena – Nikolas Passos, Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa – Riccardo Pariboni, DEPS, USiena
867. Strategy-Proof Aggregation Rules in Median Semilattices with Applications to Preference Aggregation
Ernesto Savaglio, DEC, University of Pescara – Stefano Vannucci, DEPS, USiena
865. The polarisation of Italian metropolitan areas, 2000-2018: structural change, technology and growth
Giuseppe Simone, PhD Student, DEPS, USiena
864. Strategy-Proof Aggregation of Approximate and Imprecise Judgments
Marcello Basili, DEPS, USiena – Ernesto Savaglio, University of Chieti-Pescara & GRASS – Stefano Vannucci, DEPS, USiena
863. Inflation and conflicting claims in the open economy
Guilherme Spinato Morlin, PhD Student, DEPS, USiena
861. Estimating Environmental Compliance Costs at the Installation Level
Filippo Belloc, DEPS, USiena – Bouwe Dijkstra, University of Nottingham – Edilio Valentini, University of Chieti-Pescara
860. Who are the arbitrageurs? Empirical evidence from Bitcoin traders in the Mt. Gox exchange platform
Pietro Saggese, Alessandro Belmonte, Angelo Facchini, IMT Lucca – Nicola Dimitri, DEPS, USiena – Rainer Böhme, Universität Innsbruck
859. Persistence studies: a new kind of economic history?
Martina Cioni, DEPS, USiena – Giovanni Federico, NYUAD and CEPR – Michelangelo Vasta, DEPS, USiena
858. Trust predicts compliance to Covid-19 containment policies: evidence from ten countries using big data
F.Sarracino, STATEC, Luxembourg – T. Greyling, University of Johannesburg – K. J. O’Connor, STATEC, Luxembourg – C. Peroni, STATEC, Luxembourg – S. Rossouw, Auckland University
Filippo Belloc, DEPS, USiena – Edilio Valentini, DES, University of Chieti-Pescara
856. Gimme Shelter. Public Housing Programs and Industrialization. The INA-Casa plan, Italy
Alberto Dalmazzo, DEPS, USiena – Guido de Blasio, Bank of Italy – Samuele Poy, University of Piemonte Orientale, Dept. EBS
Stefano Bartolini, DEPS, USiena – Francesco Sarracino, STATEC, Luxembourg
A.Bartolini,DEPS,USiena–RM.Di Biase,CREA,Arezzo–L.Fattorini,DEPS,USiena-S.Franceschi,DEPS,USiena-A.Marcelli, Univ.Tuscia e Fond.Edmund Mach
Marwil J. Dávila-Fernández, Bucknell University – Serena Sordi, DEPS, USiena